Course: AAS 151. Fundamentals of Public Speaking (3)

Prerequisites: EPT score of 151 or better or EPT; Successful completion of 113A or 114A or equivalent. This course is an introduction to public speaking and oral communications processes, with particular emphasis on issues related to Asian American Studies and Asian Pacific American communities. In addition to basic skills, students will be introduced to Asian Pacific American figures who have used oral communication as a way to address issues related to race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, identity and community. Students will be required to deliver a variety of speeches. The course will include intensive practice in public speaking, logical reasoning and critical reasoning. Students are required to attend 15 hours of public speaking events outside of the classroom. (Cross-listed with AFRS 151, CHS 151 and COMS 151/L.) (Available for General Education, Basic Skills Oral Communication.)

Fall-2017 - Schedule of Classes

AAS 151

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