B.A., Anthropology

Anthropology involves the study of people, their origins, their biological variations and characteristics, their languages and cultural patterns, their social structures and institutions, and their adaptation to their environment. The department offers a major, a minor, an optional major program and a master’s program with two options. The major is designed to contribute to a …

Minor in Anthropology

Anthropology teaches methodological and analytic skills with a focus on diversity and global issues. The Anthropology minor draws on the traditional, holistic emphasis in the field, which will serve students well in a variety of post-graduate experiences and career paths.

Minor in Applied Anthropology

Applied Anthropology focuses specifically on how to operationalize anthropological knowledge and skills in non-academic settings and thus provides a focused complement to studies in many fields. A minor in Applied Anthropology will provide students with sufficient theoretical, methodological and substantive background to enable them to combine anthropological perspectives and skills with those of their chosen …

M.A., Anthropology

General Anthropology

The General Anthropology Option emphasizes broad training in three fields of anthropology (archaeology, biological anthropology and human evolution, and cultural anthropology) while offering students some flexibility in degree planning and requirements. The General Anthropology Option is particularly well-suited for students who wish to enter a Ph.D. program in anthropology but may not have the preparation …

M.A., Anthropology

Public Archaeology

The Public Archaeology master’s option prepares students to work in the field of cultural resource management and to attend Ph.D. programs that place an emphasis on public archaeology and cultural heritage management. Public Archeology students are required to take seminars in Anthropological Theory, Archaeology and the Management of Archaeological Resources; Archaeological Laboratory Methods; and elective …