ATHL 197A-Z. Off-Season Conditioning (1-1-1-1)

Conditioning exercises and drills for varsity sports in the off season. May be repeated for 4 units credit. (Credit/No Credit only)

ATHL 200. Level Series Varsity Athletics (2-2-2-2)

In season practice and competition. May be repeated for 8 units credit. (Credit/No Credit only) Course Title ATHL 200 Varsity Baseball–M ATHL 201 Varsity Basketball–M ATHL 202 Varsity Basketball–W ATHL 204 Varsity Cross Country–M ATHL 205 Varsity Cross Country–W ATHL 208 Varsity Golf–M ATHL 210 Varsity Golf–W ATHL 215 Varsity Soccer–M ATHL 216 Varsity Soccer–W …