About the Program

The purpose of the master’s program in Humanities is to provide reflective mid-career adults with the opportunity to deepen their understanding of the power and nature of the ideas that animate interaction between and among cultures in today’s world, including clashes and collaborations. The program focuses not only on the nature and construction of these ideas and on their play in the world, but also both on the methods and components of critical reflection and the practical implications of such reflection and on the deeper understanding it can lead to in the everyday social, political and moral decisions of the participants. Importantly, this student cohort will discover and explicitly address the role(s) of language in representing and shaping our understanding of these ideas—even of the ideas themselves—and in representing and defining our individual and collective identities.


For information on undergraduate Humanities (HUM) courses and the Humanities Interdisciplinary Studies minor, please see Liberal Studies.


Graduate Coordinator: Sheena Malhotra
Jerome Richfield (JR) 340C
(818) 677-7217

Staff: Yvonne Carrillo
(818) 677-7646