B.S., Business Administration

Global Supply Chain Management

Global Supply Chain Management, also known as the value chain or logistics network management, consists of a network of suppliers, manufacturers, warehouses, distribution centers, wholesalers and retailers. It also includes a variety of specialized facilitating systems, such as transportation and information systems. The Global Supply Chain Management Option develops an understanding of the design, control …

B.S., Business Administration

Systems and Operations Management

The program focuses on developing skills for problem solving, critical thinking, communication and the use of constantly changing technology. These skills are needed to deal with a variety of decisions made by managers in manufacturing, service and public organizations. These encompass strategic long-range decisions (such as product, service and process design, facility location and capacity …

Minor in Quality Management and Assurance

The Quality Management and Assurance minor allows non-Bachelor of Science in Business Administration¬†(BSBA) majors the opportunity to pursue secondary interests in Quality Management and Assurance. This minor is appropriate for both service and manufacturing organizations. The minor can be useful for careers in a variety of industries, such as aerospace, electronics, automotive, healthcare, airlines, transportation, …