This is an archive of the 2017-2018 University Catalog.
To access the most recent version, please visit

This is an archive of the 2017-2018 University Catalog.
To access the most recent version, please visit


Jacchia, Alessandro

(2015) Assistant Professor of Cinema and Television Arts. M.A. 1981, London Film School; M.F.A. 1984, University of Southern California.

Jackiewicz, Edward

(2001) Professor of Geography. B.S. 1983, Arizona State University; M.A. 1993, Temple University; Ph.D. 1998, Indiana University.

Jackson, Bradley R.

(2017) Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering. B.Sc. 2002, M.Sc. 2005, Ph.D. 2009, Queen’s University.

Jackson, Matthew A.

(2013) Assistant Professor of Theatre. B.A. 2005, University of California, Riverside; M.F.A. 2010, University of California, Irvine.

Jain, Dimpal

(2012) Associate Professor of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies. B.A. 2001, Western Washington University; M.A. 2004, Ph.D. 2009, University of California, Los Angeles.

Jain, Sanjay

(2017) Assistant Professor of Management. B.E. 1988, Bangalore University; Ph.D. 2001, New York University.

Jaque, Sarah

(2003) Professor of Kinesiology. B.S. 1985, Ph.D. 1994, University of Southern California.

Jardin, Sandra M.

(2005) Assistant Director, International Admissions, Admissions and Records. B.A. 1988, California State University, Hayward; B.A. 2005, California State University, East Bay; M.Ed. 2014, University of Southern California.

Jarosz, Ellen E.

(2011) Associate Librarian, Collection Access and Management Services. B.A. 2002, M.A. 2005, University of Wisconsin, Madison.

Jarvis, Danielle

(2015) Assistant Professor of Kinesiology. B.S. 2005, Ithaca College; M.S. 2009, California State University, Northridge; Ph.D. 2015, University of Southern California.

Jefferson, Charissa O.

(2013) Senior Assistant Librarian, Research, Instruction and Outreach Services. B.A. 2004, California State University, Long Beach; M.A. 2009, Claremont Graduate University; M.L.S. 2011, California State University, Northridge.

Jennings, Penelope R.

(1980) Professor of Business Law. B.A. 1973, University of California, Davis; J.D. 1976, University of California, Los Angeles.

Jennings, William P.

(1977) Professor of Finance, Financial Planning, and Insurance. B.A. 1970, California State University, Hayward; M.A. 1974, Ph.D. 1981, University of California, Los Angeles.

Jensen, Jacob

(2014) Assistant Professor of Kinesiology. B.A. 2006, California Lutheran University; M.S. 2009, University of Utah; Ph.D. 2012, University of Tennessee.

Jensen, Vickie

(1997) Professor of Criminology and Justice Studies. B.A. 1988, M.A. 1991, University of Oklahoma; Ph.D. 1997, University of Colorado.

Jia, Ruting

(2014) Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering. B.A. 2005, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics; M.A. 2008, Ph.D. 2012, The University of Texas at San Antonio.

Jin, SuHyun

(2015) Associate Professor of Communication Disorders and Sciences. B.S. 1991, Ewha Womans University; M.A. 2000, Ph.D. 2003, University of Minnesota.

Jin, Yanbo

(2003) Professor of Finance, Financial Planning, and Insurance. B.S. 1993, Xian Jibotong University; M.A. 1997, Fordham University; Ph.D. 2003, University of California, Irvine.

Joaquin, Anna D.

(2011) Associate Professor of Linguistics/TESL. B.A. 1998, University of California, Berkeley; M.A. 2005, Ph.D. 2011, University of California, Los Angeles.

Johari, Hamid

(2006) Interim Dean, College of Engineering and Computer Science; Professor of Mechanical Engineering. B.S. 1983, California Institute of Technology; M.S. 1984, Ph.D. 1989, University of Washington.

Johnson, Jodi

(1989) Director, Disability Resources and Educational Services. B.A. 1992, California State University, Northridge.

Jones, Eleanor A.

(2014) Director of Academic Budget Management. B.S 1987, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona; M.B.A. 1998, University of California, Los Angeles.

Jones, Teiana M.

(2015) Senior Associate Athletic Director, Academic Services. B.A. 2007, University of Iowa; M.S. 2009, Georgia State University.

Juarez-Dappe, Patricia I.

(2002) Professor of History. B.A. 1991, University of Buenos Aires; M.A. 1997, Ph.D. 2002, University of California, Los Angeles.

Juarez, Callie

(2013) Manager of Academic Resources, College of Health and Human Development. B.A. 2002, Sonoma State University; M.P.A. 2008, California State University, Northridge.

Jung, Taeyou

(2003) Professor of Kinesiology. B.S. 1998, Seoul National University; M.Ed. 1999, Ph.D. 2003, University of Virginia.