This is an archive of the 2017-2018 University Catalog.
To access the most recent version, please visit

This is an archive of the 2017-2018 University Catalog.
To access the most recent version, please visit


Paez, José M.

(2009) Lecturer of Social Work. B.A. 1998, 1999, California State University, Northridge; M.S.W, 2001, University of Southern California.

Paik, Seung-Kuk

(2004) Professor of Systems and Operations Management. B.A. 1991, Sogang University; M.B.A. 1995, Ph.D. 2003, The George Washington University.

Pak, Karen F.

(2016) Executive Director, Business Operations and Finance, The Tseng College. B.A. 1998, M.B.A. 2015, University of California, Los Angeles.

Pak, Mira

(2005) Professor of Secondary Education. B.A. 1993, University of California, Los Angeles; M.Ed. 1994, Harvard University; Ph.D. 2005, University of California, Los Angeles.

Paller, Bonnie T.

(1985) Professor of Philosophy. A.B. 1974, University of California, Santa Cruz; M.A. 1977, Ph.D. 1982, University of Southern California.

Palmberg, Beverly

(1978) Director, Administrative Application Services, Information Technology.

Palmberg, Kelly E.

(2011) Assistant Director, Systems, Admissions and Records. B.A. 2010, Indiana University Bloomington; M.P.A. 2012, California State University, Northridge.

Pandey, Iswari P.

(2013) Associate Professor of English. B.A. 1990, M.A. 1994, Tribhuvan University; M.A. 2006, Ph.D. 2006, University of Louisville.

Panferov, Vlasdislav

(2007) Associate Professor of Mathematics. M.Sc. 1994, St. Petersburg State University; Ph.D. 2000, Chalmers University of Technology.

Papazyan, Natali

(2006) Manager of Academic Resources, Mike Curb College of Arts, Media and Communication. B.A. 1993, Bogazici University, Istanbul, Turkey; M.A. 1998, Middlesex University, London.

Pardau, Stuart

(2009) Associate Professor of Business Law. B.A. 1984, University of California, Santa Barbara; J.D. 1992, Stanford University.

Pardo, Mary

(1978) Professor of Chicana/o Studies. B.A. 1970, California State University, Los Angeles; M.S. 1972, University of Southern California; M.A. 1984, Ph.D. 1990, University of California, Los Angeles.

Park, Hyun-Sun

(2008) Associate Professor of Social Work. B.A. 1993, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies; M.S.W. 1998, Ph.D. 2007, University of Texas at Austin.

Parke, Elizabeth A.

(2017) Assistant Professor of Kinesiology. B.A. 2002, Hope College; M.S. 2004, University of Utah; Ph.D. 2017, University of Hawaii.

Parsa, Shiva

(1989) Director, Educational Opportunity Program. B.A. 1997, M.A. 2002, California State University, Northridge.

Patel, Megha

(2015) Assistant Vice President of Research and Economic Development, Research and Graduate Studies. B.S. 1994, University of California, Irvine; Ph.D. 2001, University of California, Los Angeles; J.D. 2007, Indiana University Bloomington.

Patra, Soma

(2016) Assistant Professor of Economics. B.S. 2004, University of Calcutta; M.A. 2006, Jawaharlal Nehru University; Ph.D. 2016, Southern Methodist University.

Patterson, Robin

(2006) Assistant Director, GAAP and Fund Accounting. B.S. 1983, California State University, Northridge; C.P.A.

Pearce, Julie L.

(2007) Director, University Counseling Services. B.A. 1987, Whittier College; M.A. 1990, Psy.D. 1993, Biola University.

Peckham-Hardin, Kathryn D.

(2000) Professor of Special Education. B.A. 1984, University of California, Santa Barbara; M.A. 1994, California State University, Northridge; Ph.D. 2002, University of California, Santa Barbara.

Pemberton, Jennifer V.

(2017) Assistant Professor of Educational Psychology and Counseling. B.A. 1989, University of California, Los Angeles; MFCC 1992, Ph.D. 1995, University of Southern California.

Penrod, June

(2012) Director of Planned Giving. B.A. 2000, Bucknell University; M.S. 2004, Mercy College.

Pepe, Anthony

(2002) Director, Environmental Health and Safety. B.S. 1990, University of La Verne.

Pepitone, John

(2006) Director of Development, College of Health and Human Development. B.A. 1994, University of Nebraska; M.A. 2006, California State University, Northridge.

Pereira-Prata, Ana M.

(2007) Associate Professor of Sociology. B.A. 1996, New University of Lisbon, Portugal; Ph.D. 2007, University of Minnesota.

Perez-Boluda, Adrian

(2007) Professor of Modern and Classical Languages and Literatures. M.A. 2001, University of Nevada, Reno; Ph.D. 2006, University of California, Davis.

Perez, Ernesto

(2012) Director of Instructional Technologies, Information Technology. B.S. 2006, M.S. 2010, Kansas State University.

Peric, Miroslav

(1991) Professor of Physics and Astronomy. B.S. 1978, M.S. 1982, Ph.D. 1987, University of Zagreb.

Pham, Son

(1985) Professor of Computer Science. University of Saigon; M.A. 1975, University of Louisville; Ph.D. 1978, University of Cincinnati.

Philibosian, Dianne L.

(1973) Professor of Recreation and Tourism Management. B.A. 1967, University of the Pacific; M.S. 1971, Ph.D. 1978, Southern Illinois University.

Philip, Ranjit A.

(1999) Senior Director of Infrastructure Services, Information Technology. B.E. 1997, University of Pune, India.

Phillips, Beth Jo

(1999) Professor of Physical Therapy. B.A. 1985, University of Puget Sound; M.P.T. 1995, University of California, San Francisco; D.P.A. 2005, University of La Verne.

Phillips, G. Michael

(1985) Professor of Finance, Financial Planning, and Insurance. B.S. 1977, Illinois State University; M.A. 1980, Ph.D. 1982, University of California, San Diego.

Pichler, Kristen

(1985) Human Resources Officer, University Student Union. B.A. 1989, M.P.A. 1993, California State University, Northridge.

Pih, Kay Kei-Ho

(2007) Professor of Criminology and Justice Studies. B.A. 1997, New York College; M.A. 1999, Ph.D. 2004, University of California, Riverside.

Pistolesi, Edie

(1991) Professor of Art. B.S. 1965, State University of Buffalo; M.A. 1981, M.F.A. 1984, Texas Technical University; Ph.D. 1990, Pennsylvania State University.

Plunkett, Scott

(1998) Professor of Psychology. B.S. 1986, M.Ed. 1992, Northwestern Oklahoma State University; Ph.D. 1997, Oklahoma State University.

Polewczak, Jacek M.

(1994) Professor of Mathematics. B.S. 1974, Technical University, Warsaw; M.S. 1976, Warsaw University; Ph.D. 1981, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.

Pompey, Christopher

(2013) Assistant Coach, Men’s Basketball. B.A. 1984, University of Pittsburgh; M.S. 2010.

Postma, Hendrik W. CH.

(2006) Associate Professor of Physics and Astronomy. M.Sc. 1997, Leiden University, Leiden, The Netherlands; Ph.D. 2001, Delft University of Technology, Delft, The Netherlands.

Pournaghshband, Vahab

(2014) Assistant Professor of Computer Science. B.Sc. 2006, M.Sc. 2008, University of California, Berkeley; Ph.D. 2014, University of California, Los Angeles.

Pousson, Martin

(2007) Professor of English. B.A. 1987, Loyola University, New Orleans; M.F.A. 1999, Columbia University.

Prasad, Pavithra

(2015) Assistant Professor of Communication Studies. B.A. 2003, Ohio Wesleyan University; M.A. 2006, Ph.D. 2011, Northwestern University.

Pratt, Gary W.

(1983) Professor of Music. B.F.A. 1980, M.F.A, 1983, California Institute of Arts.

Primm, Karen S.

(1988) Assistant Director, Networking and OCR, Admissions and Records. B.A. 1993, California State University, Northridge.

Prince, Stewart P.

(1991) Professor of Engineering. B.S.M.E. 1986, M.S.M.E. 1987, Ph.D. 1990, University of Texas.

Protas, David S.

(1970) Professor of Mathematics. B.S. 1964, Brown University; Ph.D. 1970, University of Wisconsin.

Pullen, Carrie

(2016) Assistant Professor of Health Sciences. B.A. 1988, Pepperdine University; M.S.A. 1999, Central Michigan University; Ed.D. 2015, Pepperdine University.

Pursley, Alexandra P.

(2016) DHR/Title IX Investigator. LL.B. 2010, LL.M. 2011, University of Nottingham, England.