This is an archive of the 2019-2020 University Catalog.
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This is an archive of the 2019-2020 University Catalog.
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Program: Minor in California Studies

Program Description

The minor in California Studies is an interdisciplinary program that includes courses from a variety of disciplines, including biology, ethnic studies, geography, geology, history, political science and urban studies. The minor is designed to enhance faculty and student interaction in an interdisciplinary setting and assist both in exploring the connections among different perspectives on a major subject. Students will not only study California from a variety of perspectives in the classroom, but they will also have an opportunity to engage in significant field research and internship activities as part of the minor’s requirements. Internships that may assist a student’s future career will be encouraged with public agencies, local archive and research collections, and private sector firms. The minor program also will encourage and support students who wish to participate in regional conferences on California Studies. Students should consult with the coordinator or faculty on the Program Committee to review requirements, courses that are available each semester and internship and employment opportunities.

Program Requirements

1. Required Courses (6 units)

GEOG 330 California (3)
HIST 488 California (3)

2. Peoples of California (3 units)

Select one course:

AAS 210 History of Asians in American (3)
ANTH 307 Native Peoples of California and the Southwest (3)
CHS 246 Contemporary Issues of the Chicana (3)

3. Research and Internship (6 units)

Select 6 units with one course from each area:


ANTH 476A-E Field Study (3)
CHS 497 Senior Seminar in Chicana/o Studies (3)
GEOG 497E California (3)
HIST 497T California (3)
URBS 490C Fieldwork (3)


Social Science Career Internship listed under all departments in the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences: AFRS 392A-Z: Fieldwork in the Pan African Community; POLS 486, POLS 498: Field Assignments and Reports; PSY 486, SOC 482SOC, SOC 475AEE/BEE, SOC 498AEE,BEE/CEE, URBS 494ABC and CHS 270: Fieldwork in Barrio Studies.

A minor advisor must approve the internship program.

4. Electives (3-4 units)

BIOL 323 Plants and Animals of Southern California (3)
CHS 445 History of the Chicano (3)
GEOG 350 Metropolitan Los Angeles (3)
GEOL 345 Geology of California (3)
HIST 486A History of Los Angeles (3)
HIST/GEOG/URBS 380 Los Angeles: Past, Present and Future (3)
POLS 403 State and Local Government (3)
URBS 450 Urban Problems Seminar (4)

Total Units in the Minor: 18-19

More information

For more information about this program, please contact


Coordinator: Josh Sides
Sierra Tower (ST) 612
(818) 677-3566