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College of Business and Economics

  • Chair: William W. Roberts
  • Juniper Hall (JH) 3119
  • (818) 677-2457
  • www.csun.edu/mgt


Degree Programs

The Major

The field of management encompasses all of the processes, skillsand techniques necessary to accomplish organizational goals with and through other people. These include such primary functions as planning, organizing, leading, staffing and controlling. The manager’s responsibility is to carry out these functions effectively and efficiently while balancing the needs of all his or her constituencies, including customers, employees, owners and other organizational stakeholders. For these reasons, the role and responsibilities of managers are often complex and challenging, requiring a broad understanding of the organization’s internal and external environment.

All organizations, whether private or public, manufacturing or service, for-profit or social sector, are increasingly in need of effective managers and leaders at all levels. With the rise of professionalism and the decline of traditional hierarchical structures, the responsibilities for management and leadership are increasingly being shared by all organizational members. This need will only increase with the advances in technology that are progressively eliminating routine work and requiring each individual to add value to the organization of which they are a part and to society as a whole.


The Management program prepares students for responsible positions in a wide variety of fields and organizations. These include:

    1. 1. Management in many settings, including manufacturing, operations, projects, R&D, services, retail, private sector, public sector and not-for-profits
    2. 2. Human resource management
    3. 3. Strategic management and planning
    4. 4. Consulting
    5. 5. Training and development
    6. 6. Being more effective in any position and role in work and in life, through the interpersonal and organizational skills gained in the program.

Academic Advisement

All Lower Division program advisement is through the College Student Services Center. Upon completion of BUS 302/L, students are encouraged to seek advisement through faculty mentors from the department of their major.

Business Majors

A Business Major is any student majoring in Accountancy; Finance; Information Systems; Management; Marketing; or Business Administration with an option in either Business Law, Global Supply Chain Management, Insurance and Financial Services, Real Estate or Systems and Operations Management. All Business majors share 27 units of common Lower Division core courses and 19 units of common Upper Division core courses.

Double Major Requirements

Students seeking a double major in the College of Business and Economics must have at least a 3.0 overall GPA and be able to complete both majors within a maximum of 140 units.

Special Grade Requirements

Transfer students should be aware that no grade lower than a “C” will be accepted upon transfer from another institution to satisfy College of Business and Economics requirements.

Residency Requirement

At least 50 percent of the business and economics course credit units and 50 percent of the specialized major credit units required for the Bachelor of Science degrees in Accountancy, Business Administration, Finance, Information Systems, Management, Marketing and the Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics must be completed in residence at CSUN.