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Health Sciences

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B.S., Health Administration

B.S., Public Health Promotion

B.S., Radiologic Sciences

Health Sciences for Teachers Minor

Minor in Gerontology (See Gerontology in this Catalog.)


M.S., Health Administration

M.P.H., Health Education


Graduate Certificate in Health Administration (See also Tseng College Certifcate programs in this catalog)

Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Gerontology

Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Department of Health Sciences to enable students to develop the critical knowledge and skills required to assume professional responsibility and leadership in health promotion, disease prevention, administration and clinical practice in a variety of health-care settings. Health Sciences faculty are committed to student-centered learning, scholarship and service.

The Major

The primary objective of the Department of Health Sciences is to the education of students preparing for professional careers in private and public health services. The Programs in Health Sciences are multidisciplinary and directed toward understanding factors affecting the well-being and health of populations and individuals, and toward improving their health status.

The Professional Programs are based on a foundation in the liberal arts and the physical and behavioral sciences. The Professional Programs are directed toward preparing student for the specific program discipline.


In honor of our emeritus faculty, the Department has established several scholarships, including the Seymour Eisman Scholarship and the Lennin Glass Scholarship. For more information about applications and deadlines, contact the Department of Health Sciences at (818) 677-3101.

Academic Advisement

Faculty advisors are available prior to registration and throughout the semester during regularly scheduled office hours. Program advisement should be obtained at that time. The Department requires advisement prior to registration. Students are responsible for completing all of the requirements for the Degree as listed in the Catalog the year in which they were admitted. Substitutions for a required course may be permitted only by petition submitted prior to enrollment in the course. Please contact the following coordinators for more information about individual Department programs:

Health Administration Program: Louis Rubino, (818) 677-7257

Public Health Promotion: Lawrence Chu, (818) 677-2485

Radiologic Sciences: Anita Slechta, (818) 677-2475

M.S. in Health Administration: Janet Reagan, (818) 677-2298

M.P.H. in Health Education: Vicki Ebin, (818) 677-7053

Gerontology Minor: 818-677-3101*

*See Gerontology listed alphabetically in the Catalog


Mary Lou Bobrosky, Kelly Johnson, Karen Sabbah