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Recreation and Tourism Management

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B.S., Tourism, Hospitality and Recreation Management

Therapeutic Recreation Option

Minor in Recreation


M.S. Tourism, Hospitality and Recreation on Management

Mission Statement

The Department of Recreation and Tourism Management at CSUN provides a challenging, student learning-centered educational experience that prepares professionals with a commitment to enhancing the quality of life through recreation, leisure and play.

The Major

The Department of Recreation and Tourism Management prepares students for full-time entry level positions in a wide range of career settings. The Major emphasizes the importance of high-quality recreation, tourism and play experiences as a means for improving the quality of life of individuals, families, local communities and organizations. The Department of Recreation and Tourism Management offers many exciting general education courses as well as the professional preparation Major Degree tracks. Students in the Major develop leadership, program-planning and management skills necessary to be prepared to successfully meet the challenging career settings of the 21st century. Many of our B.S. degree graduates go on to enter our Graduate Degree Programs for those career paths that require advanced study.

Therapeutic Recreation Option (B.S. Degree Program): The recreation therapist is prepared to utilize recreation as a treatment and education modality for children, youth, adults and older adults with physical, cognitive, emotional and/or social disabilities in clinical, residential and community settings. Recreation therapy programs are designed to facilitate positive changes within individuals with disabilities and to enable them to enjoy health, well-being and independent leisure lifestyles. Therapists must be able to assess clients’ needs and abilities and apply appropriate intervention strategies. Students in this Option will complete clinical/community Recreation Therapy practicum and internship experiences. Graduates are encouraged to sit for both state and national certification exams.

Recreation, Hospitality and Tourism Management (B.S. Degree Program): A critical element in working in the global market today is understanding and working comfortably with diverse groups. Recreation professionals can make a difference in the quality of life for all citizens by encouraging and facilitating the positive use of leisure time, whether that is while at home, traveling, engaging in recreation, recreational sport or entertainment. The Recreation and Tourism Management Degree Program educates students in leisure and play theory, event planning, leadership, management and working with diverse groups, while embracing sustainability of resources while participating in leisure-time pursuits. Students complete practicum and internship experiences in various leisure-service settings in the for-profit, government and non-profit sectors.

The Minor

This Program provides a basic framework of skills and understandings of leisure and recreation services as described in the B.S. Degree Programs. Students completing the Minor will be able to perform such services in support of professional roles in related fields.


Recreation and Tourism Management graduates have many career paths within the human services industries to pursue. Included in this vast array of career opportunities are adventure travel coordinators, hotel management, tour guides and interpreters, tourism destination specialists, convention coordinators, cruise ship activity directors, event planners and coordinators, recreational sport and entertainment facility management, entrepreneurs, intramural/campus recreational sport and campus life directors.

Other graduates chose paths in the outdoors, municipal recreation and non-profit sectors of the profession. These professional areas offer such careers as recreation therapy specialists, recreation center directors, recreation center specialists, outdoor education specialists, camp directors, nature interpreters, aquatic specialists, play center facilitation/directors and employee recreation services and sport directors.

Finally, other graduates find fulfilling careers in such professional settings as military recreation, correctional recreation, campus student unions, religious youth recreation, fund development, community youth recreation and sport agencies and recreation therapy.

Academic Advisement

Recreation and Tourism Management faculty listed above are available each semester for academic advisement prior to registration. Meeting with a faculty member of your choice who has the expertise that represents your career objectives is encouraged and can take place during their regular faculty office hours. The undergraduate and graduate advisors are Mechelle Best, Craig Finney, Joong Won Lee, Dianne Philibosian, Jan Tolan, Veda Ward, Al Wright and Jimmy Xie. Upon completion of the academic advisement session, students’ “registration hard hold” is lifted and students then may participate in the registration process as scheduled by the University.