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Chicana and Chicano Studies

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The Major

The Chicana/o Studies Major consists of two options: the Single Major and the Double Major.

Chicana/o Studies Writing Program

Students have the opportunity to complete the University’s writing requirements through courses offered by the Department of Chicana/o Studies. The department offers three entry-level writing classes, two of which are “stretched” over two terms, A in the Fall and B in the Spring: CHS 113A and 113B, Stretch Composition; and CHS 114A and 114B, Stretch Composition. The department also offers CHS 115, Approaches to University Writing. Students who receive a test score of 151 and above on the English Placement Test may enroll in CHS 115, Approaches to University Writing. Students who score 120-141 on the EPT will be placed into CHS 113A in the Fall and CHS 113B in the Spring. Students who score 142-150 on the EPT will be placed into CHS 114A in the Fall and CHS 114B in the Spring. Please consult our Writing Coordinator or advisors in the department for further information on placements.

Further development of writing and research skills is provided in CHS 230, Introduction to Research Methods. The department also offers CHS 280, Workshop in Minority Creative Writing. Students may also complete their oral communication skills requirement in CHS 151, Speech Communication after passing CHS 115. To support students writing needs, the department has a state-of-the-art computer lab open to students daily. Tutorial support also is available Monday-Friday in the CHS Tutoring Center.

Student Organizations

The Department of Chicana/o Studies was established through the combined effort of students and faculty in the 1960s. For this reason, it has always shared a special relationship with Chicana/o student organizations at CSUN. The principal student organization that has coexisted and developed parallel to the department is El Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan (MEChA). MEChA is the umbrella organization for various groups, subcommittees and a number of special ad-hoc committees, such as Aztlan Graduation, Ballet Folklorico de Aztlan, Chicanos For Community Medicine and Dia de Los Muertos. MEChA often serves as an advisory organization to the department, as student input has always been crucial to the planning and implementation of departmental activities.

Academic Advisement

The Chicana and Chicano Studies Department helps students select the program and courses that best satisfy their individual needs and interests. Contact Mary Pardo (Chair) at (818) 6772734 to schedule an appointment. The College of Humanities (COH) Student Services Center/EOP reviews students’ progress to ensure that the requirements of a major or minor in Chicana/o Studies are fulfilled. Call (818) 677-4784 or (818) 677-4767 to schedule an appointment with the COH Student Services Center/EOP.