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Humanities Program

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Interdisciplinary Programs



The Major

The B.A. Degree Program in the Humanities offers students the opportunity to study diverse strands of human thought and culture. In devising their own plan of study, Humanities majors, working in close consultation with faculty advisors, can prepare for graduate studies in the Humanities, in specific humanities-related disciplines or cultural studies, train for a career where a broad humanistic understanding is appropriate and/or desirable, or acquire self cultivation through interdisciplinary study.

Mission Statement

The Humanities Interdisciplinary Program offers an individualized, interdisciplinary and integrated course of study that prepares students to become engaged global citizens. The Humanities Interdisciplinary Program enables students to develop a critical understanding of cultural studies as the articulation between culture, political economy, discourse and representation.


“Humanities graduates are much less likely to be victims of technological unemployment than someone who has learned only specific skills”—Northrop Frye. A humanities graduate is a college-educated individual who can analyze and solve problems, write and speak well, learn new information quickly and work well with others on a team. Employers value graduates with critical-thinking skills and those who have learned not what to think, but how to think.

The flexibility to adapt in the constantly evolving career marketplace and to work successfully in a multicultural environment is valued in a wide range of career fields, including advertising, banking, education, foreign service, insurance, international commerce, journalism and labor relations, as well as social service fields like law, library science, literature, lobbying, public relations, publishing and editing, radio and TV journalism, sales, teaching, technical writing, tourism, and translation and interpretation. A humanities education also provides excellent preparation for graduate study in such fields as Area Studies, Law, Library Science, Literature, Cultural Studies, or Journalism.

Academic Advisement

Humanities majors are urged to consult with an advisor each semester. Contact the Liberal Studies Office at (818) 677-3300. Contact the Tseng College of Extended Learning (818) 677-2786 or Sharon Klein (818) 677-0912 for information about the M.A. Degre Program.