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Intercollegiate Athletics

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College of Humanities

  • Director of Athletics: Rick Mazzuto
  • Intercollegiate Athletics Building (IA)
  • (818) 677-3208
  • www.GoMatadors.com


Athletics Program

Cal State Northridge Athletics is a diverse and broad-based sports program which exists to provide highly skilled students with the opportunity to further develop their athletic talents while obtaining a college education and degree. We provide the highest level of amateur athletic entertainment for the campus community and seek to develop campus spirit and pride for students, faculty, staff and alumni.

Eight men’s and 10 women’s intercollegiate sports are offered at CSUN. Approximately 350 students are directly participating on these teams. Currently, CSUN Athletics offers the following sports: women’s basketball, cross country, golf, indoor track, outdoor track and field, soccer, softball, tennis, volleyball and water polo; and men’s baseball, basketball, cross country, golf, indoor track, outdoor track and field, soccer and volleyball.

CSUN Athletics is affiliated with the Big West Conference and Mountain Pacific Sports Federation which are National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Division I conferences.

The programs must function within the regulations relative to academics and amateurism sccccet forth by the NCAA.

Students designated as intercollegiate athletes must be enrolled full-time and are subject to mandates for degree progress established by the NCAA. Members of athletic squads must officially register to receive credit.

Enrollment in Athletics courses is restricted to students who meet NCAA eligibility requirements. Students may receive a maximum of 3 Athletic units per academic year.