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Jewish Studies

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The Major

The Bachelor of Arts in Modern Jewish Studies provides an interdisciplinary examination of Jews and Judaism in terms of the interactions of culture, history and religion during the last 300 years. The courses in the Major explore the modern Jewish experience in multiple geographical settings and include language study.

The Minor

The Minor in Jewish Studies offers courses in the culture and history of the Jewish people. The approach is interdisciplinary and examines Jewish literature, art, religious thought, history and social attitudes and behavior. Many courses in the program satisfy General Education requirements or may be used as electives in several majors.

Scholarships and Awards

The Jewish Studies Major and Minor Awards, Matador Scholarships, and the Jewish Studies Essay Contest Prize.


The Jewish Studies Major and Minor are particularly suitable for those preparing to enter the fields of education, administration, psychology or counseling. Completion of the Minor or Major will be advantageous for acceptance to graduate schools offering advanced academic training (Ph.D. programs in Jewish Studies and allied areas), as well as for acceptance to graduate programs offering professional degrees that are necessary for advanced positions in Jewish education, social-welfare agencies and administration. Completion of the Major or Minor will offer a hiring advantage for positions in the Jewish community in the area of teaching, administration and social-welfare agencies.

Academic Advisement

Contact Program Coordinator Jody Myers at (818) 677-6762 to schedule an appointment.

Program Committee

Jeffrey Auerbach (History), Dorothy G. Clark (English), Terry Hatkoff (Sociology), Jody Myers, Coordinator (Religious Studies), Cheryl Spector (English)