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Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies

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College of Humanities


Interdisciplinary Program

  • Minor in Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies

Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies Minor

The Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies (MEIS) Program at CSUN is an Interdisciplinary Minor that offers courses in the languages, histories, religions, cultures, sociology and politics of Middle Eastern peoples. It also seeks to enhance students’ understanding of Islamic cultures and Muslim communities both internationally and within the United States. In addition, MEIS provides an aca- demic home for the study of the intellectual, cultural and material conditions that have shaped our current understandings of and relationships with the Middle East and Islamic societies. Among the primary beneficiaries of this program are students interested in becoming scholars, journalists, translators, interpreters, diplomats, businesspersons, negotiators and personnel in foreign offices. Some of the courses in the MEIS Program satisfy General Education requirements or may be used as electives in several majors.

Academic Advisement

The Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies Program helps students select the program and courses that best satisfy their individual needs and interests. Contact Nayereh Tohidi (Coordinator) at (818) 677- 7218 to schedule an appointment. The College of Humanities (COH) Student Services Center/EOP reviews students’ progress to ensure that the requirements of a minor in Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies are fulfilled. Call (818) 677-4784 or (818) 677-4767 to schedule an appointment with the COH Student Services Center/EOP.

Program Committee

Ahmed Bouguarche (MCLL), Owen P Doonan (Art), Rachel T Howes (History), Sabina Magliocco (Anthropology), Jody E Myers (Religious Studies and Jewish Studies), Mustafa Ruzgar (Religious Studies), Suzanne Scheld (Anthropology), Nayereh Tohidi (GWS), Melissa Wall (Journalism)