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College of Humanities


SUST 300. Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Sustainability (3)

This course uses an interdisciplinary approach to help students understand concepts of sustainability from multiple perspectives.  Students will build skills to apply theories to real-world problems of sustainability, and develop the ability to apply sustainability principles and critical thinking skills to their personal and professional decision-making processes. (Available for General Education, Social Sciences.)

SUST 310. Best Practices in Sustainability (3)

In this course, students will learn current and best practices for planetary sustainability on an individual, institutional, regional and global level.  Topics focus on reducing carbon emissions and pollution, and supporting a healthy and sustainable planet.  These will include clean-energy technology, water conservation, agricultural-based strategies for sustainable farming, management and preservation of natural resources, natural building techniques and clean transportation systems. (Available for General Education, Lifelong Learning)

SUST 401. Applied Sustainability (3)

Prerequisite: SUST 310 or permission of instructor. Preparatory: SUST 300. This course offers a practical application of sustainability knowledge and practices to address a community problem. Environmental, equity and economic impacts must be considered in performing situation analyses and developing recommendations. Course provides the opportunity to apply sustainability knowledge in a consulting capacity and evaluate alternative solutions taking sustainability considerations into account. Affords students a community service learning experience. Course is available for graduate credit.