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B.A., History

Minor in History


M.A., History


Social Science Subject Matter Program (SSSMP) for the Single Subject Credential. Contact (818) 677-3566 or e-mail sssmp@csun.edu for information.

Department Programs

Within the general category of social sciences, the history major and minor are humanistic, international, culturally oriented, liberal arts programs for students desiring a broad background in the ideas and institutions of the world. They emphasize the development of the student’s personal intellectual skills of critical reasoning, writing and analysis of issues and evidence. In addition to preparing the student for graduate study in history or for subject matter competency (prior to applying for a secondary teaching credential in the Social Sciences), the history major also serves as preparation for a variety of professions, most notably law, government service, library science, historical preservation and archival administration. The Master’s Program constitutes a terminal degree for teachers completing the fifth year requirement for a California Credential, as well as preparation for the Doctoral Degree. In either case, superior achievement in history must be demonstrated for admission to the M.A. Program. Prospective applicants should consult informational materials from the Department and consult with the Graduate Coordinator.

The Department of History supports international education and encourages students to investigate opportunities for overseas study. Certain courses taken at CSU International Program Study Centers in foreign countries are equivalent to courses in the Department of History and may be used to fulfill some of the requirements for Degree Options offered by the Department and/or certain general education requirements. Students should consult the International Programs Bulletin available in the Office of International and Exchange Programs, a Departmental advisor, or the campus International Programs Advisor for more information.


History provides an excellent liberal arts background that prepares majors for a wide variety of careers ranging from law to business to medicine. It also provides specific training that can lead to positions in such fields as education, historic preservation, archival work, or diplomacy.

Academic Advisement

Students interested in History should consult with Department’s Staff Advisor prior to declaring the major. All History majors and minors should seek advisement from the Advisor or a faculty member specializing in their area of interest prior to registration. Credential candidates should consult with the Social Science Subject Matter Program Advisor in the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences (Sierra Hall 164A, (818) 677-3566, sssmp@csun.edu) prior to registration. During advisement for computer registration, approval is available in the Department Office for all history courses requiring special permission of the instructor.

Undergraduate Advisor: Nan Yamane

General Advisement: All members of the Department

Graduate Coordinator: Susan Fitzpatrick-Behrens

Pre-law: James Sefton


Susan Mueller, Kelly Winkleblack-Shea