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Asian Studies

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College of Social and Behavioral Sciences


Interdisciplinary Program


Asian Studies is an interdisciplinary program designed to provide an integrated approach to the study of the history, culture and current problems of this increasingly important region of the world. The program includes courses that involve the areas of East Asia, South Asia and Southeast Asia. Graduates from this program may either pursue their studies in graduate schools or apply their knowledge and training in various governmental and private agencies interacting with Asian countries.

A minor in Asian Studies is of particular interest and value to students majoring in Anthropology, Business, Geography, History, Political Science, Economics or Religious Studies.

The minor in Asian Studies consists of 18 units with no more than 6 Lower Division units. The student must consult with an Asian Studies advisor to develop an approved program from the courses listed that best suits his/her individual needs. The student will be able to choose a broad program, which will provide a background in several regions of Asia, or he/she will be able to specialize in East Asia, South Asia or Southeast Asia.

Academic Advisement

All Asian Studies minors are required to see an advisor to work out a program of study that will meet his/her specific needs and interests. A student’s program must include courses that involve at least two of the three Asian areas. The Program Coordinator and all Program Committee members are available for advisement.

The coordinator and/or a designee are on duty during orientation and are available by appointment during the summer. In addition, the program office publishes an informational brochure that can be picked up in the office and also obtained by mail or phone request.