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College of Social and Behavioral Science




B.A., Sociology with Options:

Option I General Sociology

Option II Criminology and Criminal Justice

Option III Social Welfare

Option IV Work and Society

Minor in Sociology


M.A., Sociology

Department Programs

The Sociology Department offers a Major with various options (tracks of focused interests) and a Minor and participates in the interdisciplinary Child and Adolescent Development, Liberal Studies and Urban Studies Majors, and the Gerontology, Jewish Studies and Gender and Women’s Studies Minors. The Major is designed for students who: desire to move directly into careers involving general urban problems, social welfare, counseling, criminal justice, community work., research, politics, publications, public relations and business; desire a liberal arts education with emphasis on Sociology; desire a liberal arts background to prepare themselves for professional graduate study in law, business, medicine, or teaching; or desire a background to prepare themselves for graduate study in Sociology, Social Welfare and other related fields.


Sociology is the study of social life, social change and the social causes and consequences of human behavior. As human behavior is primarily social, sociology can range from the study of sexuality to criminology to social welfare or to contemporary issues in corporations, families and business. Sociology provides an excellent liberal arts background that prepares students for advanced degrees or employment upon graduation.


Sociology provides an excellent liberal arts background that prepares students for a wide variety of careers ranging from law to business to medicine. Sociology Majors find employment in management, social work, statistical analysis, market research, education, criminal justice, government, probation, community and social services.

Academic Advisement

Students are strongly encouraged to seek advisement from faculty members or the Advisement Office concerning their academic programs. Faculty and advisor office hours are posted in the Sociology Department Office and on the Department website. Contact the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences Student Services Center for undergraduate advisement and David Boyns for graduate advisement.


Christina Brown, Barbara Collins, Dominic Little