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Deaf Studies

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Michael D. Eisner College of Education

  • Chair: Flavia S. Fleischer
  • Education Building (ED) 1107
  • (818) 435-8152 (Videophone)
  • (818) 677-5116 (Voice)
  • www.csun.edu/coe/dfst


The Major

The primary objectives of the Deaf Studies major program are: 1. To convey basic knowledge and understanding about the lan- guage and culture of Deaf people, including their history and social experiences; and 2. To prepare students for advanced degree programs and/or professional careers working with Deaf people. CSUN is proud to be one of the few mainstream institutions in the nation that offers a comprehensive undergraduate program in the area of Deaf Studies and has long been acknowledged as a leader in providing quality education in a variety of deaf-related fields. In addition, CSUN provides Deaf Studies majors with a variety of other unique opportunities, includ- ing membership in student organizations, interaction with more than 200 Deaf/Hard of Hearing students who attend the University, the most extensive collection of resource materials related to deafness in the west- ern United States, participation in a variety of campus/community events including Deafestivals and ASL/Deaf Theatre productions, and on-the-job training while earning University credit.


During recent years, a number of significant legislative and judicial initiatives and directives have appeared at the federal, state and local levels to ensure that the approximately 700,000 Deaf Americans have full access to public and private programs and services. As social, commu- nity, legaland educational services have expanded nationwide, many career possibilities have opened up for persons interested in profes- sional work in deaf-related fields. The Deaf Studies major at CSUN will provide appropriate exposure and preparation to students interested in careers as sign language interpreters, sign language instructors, counselors, government specialists, teachers of the Deaf, community service coordinators/advocates and many other deaf-related vocations.

Academic Advisement

Prospective, newand continuing Deaf Studies majors are encour- aged to seek academic advisement each semester to review academic and career plans. Appointments can be made by calling the Deaf Studies Department office.


Judi Daleke, Christine Firkins, Laura Schrenk, Helen Hayter Quiroz