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Elementary Education

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Michael D. Eisner College of Education


Graduate Degree:
M.A. in Education Elementary Education Option
Multiple Subject Preliminary Teaching Credential, including BCLAD Emphasis Reading Certificate (RC) Reading/Language Arts Specialist Credential

Multiple Subject Preliminary Credential Program Pathways

The Multiple Subject Credential Program is primarily designed for students who desire to teach in self-contained classrooms typical of elementary schools and to provide effective instruction for English learners of diverse backgrounds in classroom settings. The Multiple Subject Credential program includes foundational course work in edu- cational psychology, working with diverse populations and teaching students with disabilities; a full complement of discipline-based meth- ods courses; and field experience and two semesters of student teaching in elementary schools within the University’s service area.
BCLAD Emphasis Credential: Students enrolled in the Traditional, ACT or Multiple Subject University Intern Program and who are pro- ficient in two languages may elect to pursue the BCLAD Emphasis Credential. The Department offers the BCLAD option to candidates who possess academic proficiency in Armenian and English, Korean and English, or Spanish and English. In addition, students fluent in Cambodian and English, Cantonese and English, Mandarin and English, or Vietnamese and English may complete a BCLAD Emphasis Program through the CSUN Asian BCLAD Consortium. For more information about the CSUN Asian BCLAD Consortium, please contact Sandra Chong. Candidates pursuing the BCLAD Emphasis Credential complete additional course work in learning to teach in dual languages. See Traditional, ACT and Multiple Subject Intern Program pathways for additional information.
Academic Advisement for Preliminary Multiple Subject Credential Program
Please contact the Credential Office for academic advisement. The pro- gram advisors and other staff can be reached at (818) 677-2586. The Department offers the following pathways leading to the Preliminary Multiple Subject Credential:
1. Traditional Program 2. Accelerated Collaborative Teacher Preparation Program (ACT) 3. Multiple Subject University Intern Program 4. Integrated Teacher Education Program (ITEP)—Freshman and
Junior Options (BCLAD option not available)


Arlene Palkay (Administrative Coordinator), Frank Vargas (Administrative Assistant)