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Secondary Education

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Michael D. Eisner College of Education


Programs Offered


M.A., Education

Specialization in Secondary Education


Single Subject Preliminary Teaching Credential

Single Subject Credential with a Bilingual Crosscultural Language and

Academic Development (BCLAD) Emphasis

Reading/Language Arts Specialist Credential


English Learner Authorization Certificate Program: CTEL-California Teachers of English Learners

Department Coordinators

Secondary Student Teaching Coordinator: David Moguel;

Administrative Coordinator: Christina Perez, (818) 677-2581

Graduate Coordinator: Mira Pak, (818) 677-2181

ACT Coordinator: Carolyn Burch, (818) 677-6370

Internship Coordinators: Carolyn Burch (818) 677-6370; Jan Eckmier, (818) 677-2523

Student Learning Outcomes of the Credential Program

Single Subject Credential Candidates will demonstrate proficiency in the major domains of the California Teaching Performance Expectations:

1. Make subject matter comprehensible for student learning.

2. Assess student learning.

3. Engage and support students in learning.

4. Plan instruction and design learning experiences for all students.

5. Create and maintain effective environments for student learning.

6. Develop as a professional educator.

Master of Arts Degree in Education with a Specialization in Secondary Education 

The Master of Arts Degree in Education with a Specialization in Secondary Education is designed to prepare the secondary teacher for advancement to mentor teacher, student teacher supervisor, subject matter teaching specialist, Department Chairperson or Doctoral student. School districts frequently award salary increases to teachers holding Master’s Degrees, and Master’s Degrees are usually required for part-time teaching at the community college or University level. M.A. Degree Options include the following:

A. Subject Specialist: English Education, Mathematics Education, Science Education or Social Sciences Education

B. Curriculum and Instruction

C. Computers and Educational Technology

D. Reading Improvement

E. Multicultural and Multilingual Education

F. Teaching and Learning (CSUN/District Joint Induction/M.A. Program)

Four components comprise the Program of studies for M.A. Degree Options A-E: (1) Department Core Courses, (2) Program Option Courses, (3) Electives, and (4) the Culminating Experience.

Up to 12 units from preliminary credential program courses may apply to some of these M.A. Degree Options.

Three components comprise the Program of studies for the M.A. Degree Teaching and Learning Program Option F: (1) Department Core Requirement, (2) Program Option Courses, and (3) Culminating Experience.