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Communication Studies

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Mike Curb College of Arts, Media, and Communication

  • Chair: Bernardo Alexander Attias
  • Manzanita Hall (MZ) 220
  • (818) 677-2853
  • www.csun.edu/coms






The Department of Communication Studies at CSUN is a mem- ber of the Western States Communication Association (WSCA), the National Communication Association (NCA) and the International Communication Association (ICA).

What We Do

Communication is central to the ongoing processes of culture and society, and thus is vitally important to study. The field has a rich and diverse foundation of specializations, ranging from public address, to critical and cultural studies, to interpersonal and small-group com- munication, to organizational communication, to intercultural and international communication and to performance studies. At CSUN, the Department of Communication Studies offers a strong curriculum that embraces a range of traditions in the discipline.We use humanistic, aesthetic and social scientific methods to examine communication processes and patterns in a variety of contexts and the promises and challenges people experience when they use language and other symbolic systems to work with and influence others. We provide instruction in the knowledge and skills people need to com- municate and function effectively in business, law, government, the ministry, teaching, the performing arts, politics, international relations and numerous other areas. The knowledge and skills offered in the Department help students to build satisfying and productive relation- ships in their careers as well as in their personal lives, and to become active and reflective global citizens.

Faculty members participate actively in regional, national and inter- national associations and organizations focusing on communication and human relations, communication training and development, com- munication and cultural studies, and communication and social justice. Several serve in leadership positions in professional associations.

As part of a learning-centered University, the Department supports several service learning projects that involve students in the com- munity, such as the Communicating Common Ground Project and the Communication for Youth Institute. The Department also has a nationally competitive Speech and Debate Team, an active Performance Ensemble program and a vibrant student Communication Association.

Communication majors take advantage of internship opportunities at a wide variety of businesses and not for profit organizations in the Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley regions.


Professionals in all career paths generally find a background in Communication Studies rewarding, as there are communication needs in every field. Our graduates generally find employment in various fields, in- cluding the media industries, business, law, entertainment, public relations, marketing, advertising, government, performance art, social and human services, the ministry, international relations, management and education.

Academic Advisement

All full-time faculty are involved in undergraduate advising. Contact any full-time faculty member during office hours for assistance. Graduate students should contact Graduate Coordinator Stacy Holman Jones.


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