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Mike Curb College of Arts, Media, and Communication





The Major

The B.A. in Journalism is designed for those who seek careers in print and online newspaper/magazine editorial work and photojournalism/videography, television and radio news, or public relations.


The Department is accredited by the National Accrediting Council on Education in Journalism and Mass Communications.

Department Programs

The Department of Journalism is a member of the Association of Schools of Journalism and Mass Communication. Affiliated with the Department of Journalism are news operations of the campus-based FM radio station (KCSN), the Department magazine (Scene), the student newspapers (Daily Sundial and El Nuevo Sol), and television news shows (“Valley View” and “On Point”).

Each Journalism major is required to complete a collateral field in another discipline such as history, political science or sociology. A foreign language is strongly recommended.

In addition to meeting the Core requirements in Journalism, students take courses from the following areas of emphasis:

Broadcast Journalism:
JOUR 315; 325, 335, 415, 445, 395B, 410 or 435;
2 units of Upper Division electives.
Magazine Journalism:
JOUR 310, 330, 331, 397B, 460, 410 or 495A-Z;
4 units of Upper Division electives.
Newspaper Journalism:
JOUR 310, 330, 331, 397B, 410 or 494A-Z;
7 units of Upper Division electives.
ART 250, 353 or 355 or 455A; JOUR 331, 350, 397B, 450, or 455.
Public Relations:
JOUR 310, 331, 340, 341, 398B or 440;
3 units of Upper Division electives.
JOUR 310, 330, 395B or 397B or 398B;
12 units of Upper Division electives.

National accrediting standards require a major to take a minimum of 80 units of the 120 required for graduation outside of Journalism/Mass Communication. Of these 80 units, 65 must be in the liberal arts, sciences or humanities. A minimum of 37 units in Journalism is required for the major. Transfer students may count 11 Lower Division units toward the 120-unit requirement.

Academic Advisement

Journalism majors at both the undergraduate and graduate levels are assigned an advisor at the time of entry into the Department. Advisors have regularly scheduled office hours for advisement purposes. Advisement is required of all majors each semester.


Virginia Avila, Blasco Felipe, Lincoln Harrison, Allen Lin, Heather Powell, Susie Torres