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Degree Programs


The Theatre Department is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Theatre.

Department Mission

The Bachelor of Arts Degree in theatre within the context of a broad-based liberal arts education, offers an integrative, balanced program of studies that prepares students to enter the field of theatre, undertake specialized graduate study or to draw upon their theatre education in other fields and pursuits. We emphasize the power of imagination, passion, discipline and collaboration in theatre. We believe a systematic study of theatre in its many aspects can impart lifelong skills in creative problem solving, effective teamwork and interpersonal communications. Central to our mission is superior teaching—our classroom encompasses the studio, the stage and the technical laboratory. Our production curriculum provides a dynamic and multifaceted outreach component that enables the Department both to draw on and serve all segments of the larger community. The Department of Theatre is committed to diversity in all areas and to international education experiences in the Los Angeles area and the world. The Master of Arts Program provides a broad-based education in theatre, preparing students for theatre-related careers and for further study in theatre history, literature and theory. Within the University community, we provide opportunities for non-majors to engage and participate in our Department, introducing the arts into their Degree plans. In addition, we play a vital role in contributing theatre education to the preparation of elementary and secondary teachers.

Department Programs

The B.A. and the M.A. Degree Programs are designed to enrich the student’s aesthetic and intellectual needs in the areas of theatrical production, theatre history, literature and criticism, and to provide pre-professional training. As a lab for the formal training in the classroom, undergraduate students are required to participate in Department-sponsored production activities each semester. Theatre CSUN functions as the department’s formal producing organization. Eight or more full-length productions of dramas, musicals and operas are cast, rehearsed and mounted annually by faculty, staff, students and guest artists. These productions are available for student participants on an audition or volunteer basis. All aspects of the Program are carefully coordinated with the theatre curriculum. Four Minor Options in Theatre are designed to provide an organized program in theatre arts for students who wish to augment a major in another field.


The B.A. Degree in Theatre prepares a student for advanced study in a pre-professional (M.F.A.) or academic (M.A.) program. It also serves as preliminary study for a performance and/or production career in live theatre as well as the allied industries of television and cinema. The interpersonal and collaborative skills learned in the Program will serve the graduate well in a variety of related disciplines, including the fields of education (both as teacher and administrator), psychology, law and a variety of private and governmental positions where a well-rounded liberal arts education will provide the flexibility and broad base of knowledge likely to be required in future careers.

Academic Advisement

Prior to each semester’s course registration period, each Theater Major is required to meet with their faculty advisor to discuss course selection and assess the student’s academic progress. Once a schedule for the following semester is jointly approved the student receives departmental permission to register for classes online. For undergradate advisement, contact the Department for more information. For graduate advisement, contact Director of Graduate Studies and graduate advisoe Ah-Jeong Kim. For Credential advisement, contact Anamarie Dwyer.

Credential Information

For details on the Single Subject Credential Programs, see the Credentials and the Department of Secondary Education sections in the Catalog.

International Study

The Department of Theatre encourages students to investigate opportunities for overseas study. Certain courses taken at CSU International Program Study Centers in foreign countries are equivalent to courses in the Department of Theatre and may be used to fulfill graduation requirements. Students should consult the campus International Programs Advisor for more information.

Theatre Honors Program

The Theatre Honors Program is a special curricular enhancement for outstanding students in the Theatre Major. Students become eligible to participate in the Theatre Honors Program at the beginning of their junior year and will normally complete the program requirements during the ensuing 4 semesters. The program consists of 2 major components:

  1. 1. Honors Seminars; and
  2. 2. Honors Project or Thesis.

The Honors Seminars, which extend over the first 3 semesters of a student’s participation in the Theatre Honors Program, provide a unique opportunity to engage in intensive investigations and discussions of significant aspects of theatre practice and theory with a small group of fellow honors students and senior faculty. The Honors Project or Thesis gives honors students the opportunity to integrate their theatre studies and apply their knowledge and understanding of theatre art to the independent investigation of a significant topic or problem under the direction of a faculty mentor. Honors students will subsequently receive Departmental support for the completion of an artistic Project or written research Thesis based on their investigation.

Admission to the Theatre Honors Program

Students may apply for admission to the Theatre Honors Program upon completion of the following:

  1. 1. All 100- and 200-level requirements in Theatre;
  2. 2. A minimum of 9 units of Theatre courses taken at CSUN;
  3. 3. Attainment of a minimum 3.25 GPA in all Theatre courses taken at CSUN or transferred for credit toward the Degree; and
  4. 4. Attainment of a minimum 3.00 GPA in all undergraduate work.

Student applications for admission to the Theatre Honors Program will normally be submitted near the end of the sophomore year. In every case applications will require the support of a CSUN Theatre Department faculty member. Applications to the Theatre Honors Program will be reviewed by the Honors Committee, which normally consists of the honors advisor and the coordinators of the several curricular areas of the Theatre Department.

Theatre Staff

Efren Delgadillo Jr. (Scene Shop Supervisor), James DeWitt (Costume Shop Supervisor), Richard Greaver (Production Stage Manager/ Outside Event Technical Director), Scott McKim (Technical Director), William Taylor (Theatre Manager), Michael Zeigler (Lighting/Sound Shop Supervisor)