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Knowledge Management

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Director: Jennifer L. Kalfsbeek-Goetz
Manager: Barbra L. Frye
Faculty Coordinators: Allan Crawford and Tracey Wik
Bookstore Complex (BC) 202


Master of Knowledge Management (MKM)*
*Mode of instruction for this program is online distance learning only.
Graduates from our MKM Program will be very successful in securing
choice knowledge-management roles. A significant percentage of the
initial cohort students are being sponsored by their employers in order
to prepare them for more advanced work. The sponsoring organizations
are from a variety of industries, including aerospace, biotechnology,
financial services, energy production, engineering and manufacturing,
as well as from branches of the U.S. government.
Career opportunities for MKM graduates are similarly broad.
As companies deal with breakthroughs in technology, accelerating
retirements of senior employees and the increased challenge of globalization—
all of which change the nature of organizations—knowledge
management becomes ever more crucial to developing new and effective
processes. Because knowledge management is an interdisciplinary
field, the MKM Degree Program prepares students to work across
traditional departmental boundaries to collaborate with a variety of
important stakeholders in organizational settings.
Academic Advisement
Initial application advisement is carried out by the Program Manager.
Once admitted into the MKM Program, student advisement is carried
out by the Program’s Faculty Coordinator and is available throughout
the year online.

Requirements for Admission to the Program
Students must provide verification of the following:
1. At least 1 of 3 degree requirements:
a. A Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited college or university with
a GPA of 3.0 or higher; or
b. A Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited college or university with
a GPA of 2.5-2.99 and a passing score (50th percentile or higher) in
the verbal section of the Graduate Record Examination (GRE); or
c. A Master’s Degree from an accredited college or university.
2. Successful completion of a university-level course in Statistical
Probability and Interpretation, or comparable on-the-job training.
3. 2 to 5 years (or more) work experience in an organizational setting.
4. Appropriate computer equipment and software that meets or
exceeds the minimum technical requirements listed on the program
site at http://tsengcollege.csun.edu/kmdl/requirements.htm
5. For International Students: If you do not have a Bachelor’s
Degree from a post-secondary institution where English is the
principal language of instruction, you will need to take the Test of
English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). A minimum score of 550
on the paper exam or 213 on the computer-based exam is required
for application.
6. A short phone interview may be conducted with each applicant to
clarify application information.
Special requirements
All students in the MKM Program must attain Classified status.
Students must apply for Departmental Classifi cation by fi ling a formal
program. Th is must be accomplished prior to completing 12 units of
credit. All students must obtain a passing score on the Upper Division
Writing Profi ciency Exam (UDWPE). Th e Program Manager will
serve as a resource to assist all admitted students in completing their
classifi cation forms and the UDWPE.
Graduation Requirements
To earn a Masters of Knowledge Management, students must:
1. Maintain a GPA of 3.0 or better throughout the Program;
2. Attain a passing score on the Upper Division Writing Profi ciency
3. Complete each required course with a grade of “B” or higher; and
4. Apply to graduate by submitting the Master’s Degree and Diploma
Application to Admissions and Records (students will receive assistance with this from the Program Manager).
To see the full list of requirements for applying to the Program, visit