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Public Administration, Master of

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Director: Henrik P. Minassians

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(818) 677-5635

Associate Director: Ravi Roy

(818) 677-3909



Degree Program


Master of Public Administration (MPA)

Certificate in Essentials of Public Administration for Public Sector Professionals

Program Overview

The Master of Public Administration Degree Program is entirely funded by student fees and is administered through The Tseng College, hence the designation.

Special Sessions Degree

The Master of Public Administration (MPA) is the appropriate professional Degree Program for administrators who are currently employed in the public, private or non-profit sectors and wish to improve their management knowledge and skills. The Program has been designed to provide an academically sound and effective course of study for mid-career professionals who have successfully earned their Baccalaureate or Master’s degrees in fields other than Public Administration, but whose career paths and interests have heightened their need for advanced professional study and preparation in Public Administration. Because most MPA students are busy professionals, the program is designed to fit their schedules and is offered in 2 formats—open enrollment and cohort. Students joining the open-enrollment MPA have the flexibility of taking classes at their own convenience. In the cohort model, a group of approximately 25 students moves through the Program as a unit, starting and finishing at the same time. The schedule is fixed and classes, which are offered off campus, are guaranteed for each cohort student.

Academic Advisement

For information regarding the on-campus program, contact Alice Lu at (818) 677-5635. For information regarding off-campus cohorts, contact Patti Burleson at (818) 677-3217. The MPA Office fax number is (818) 677-3886.

Program Features

Multidisciplinary Curriculum: The University MPA Program is multidisciplinary and draws on a wide array of scholarly resources that are most relevant to the changing professional practice of the public administrator.

Emphasis on Scholarship and Application: The MPA Program provides a strong academic foundation, while also emphasizing current practical applications. Faculty members include both professors from several University Departments and senior-level public managers.

Academic Oversight: The academic oversight of the MPA Program has several interconnected components: the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences, the Department of Political Science, the Program Director and an MPA Program Advisory Board comprised of participating full-time University faculty members. The Program Advisory Board and the MPA Program Director provide the primary academic oversight of the Program.