Applying for Your Second Bachelor’s Degree

Your application for the Bachelor’s Degree and diploma initiates the graduation process, participation in commencement, and receipt of your diploma.

Follow these steps:

1. Print and complete the Application for Bachelor’s Degree and Diploma form located at

2. Schedule an appointment with a major advisor. Bring your Application for Bachelor’s Degree and Diploma to your advising session to discuss the major curriculum, major Catalog year and your anticipated graduation date (3 official graduation dates: Fall, Spring or Summer). If you plan to graduate with a minor, include the additional minor and the Catalog year on the application. Secure the advisor’s signatures for the major and/or minor on the application.

3. Submit your completed Application for Bachelor’s Degree and Diploma, a Department evaluation from the major and/or minor Department and the appropriate fee to the Office Admissions and Records at the Student Services Center in Bayramian Hall.

Deadline dates for filing Application for Bachelor’s Degree and Diploma forms are published each semester on the Graduation Services website at If you apply after the published deadline, there will be a late fee of an additional $10. Paying the late fee does not guarantee you will receive your graduation evaluation prior to your last semester.

Note: Applying after the filing period deadline may delay receipt of your graduation evaluation and your graduating senior status priority registration appointment time. Commencement participation could be affected.