Course Requisites: Definitions of Terms

A course/condition* that must be completed/met prior to enrollment in another specified course. Enrollment in prerequisite course/ condition* groupings is enforced by SOLAR. An unmet or non-completed prerequisite course/condition* will bar a student’s enrollment in a course.
A course/condition* for which concurrent enrollment in another affiliated course is mandatory. Corequisite courses must always be offered in the same semester (usually lecture/lab). Students are required to enroll in corequisite course groupings through SOLAR. NOTE: Corequisite courses that are recommended should be designated as “Recommended Corequisites.”
Multiple Component Course
A component course is a graded lecture class that has a required non-graded 0-unit lab or discussion. To enroll in component classes, enter the class number of the lab or discussion and the system will automatically enroll you in the lecture class.
A course/condition* that is recommended to be completed/met prior to enrollment in another course.


*Examples of prerequisite “conditions” include “class level,” a specific examination score, a specified passing grade, etc.