Credit for Work Completed Prior to Earning the Baccalaureate Degree

A maximum of 9 units of credit earned at the 500-level during a student’s final undergraduate semester at CSUN may be applied toward a Master’s Degree, subject to Departmental approval. Requests for such credit are filed following admission to a CSUN Master’s Program on a Graduate Petition Form. Courses are subject to the following University requirements:

  • 1. They may not be used to satisfy the requirements for the Bachelor’s Degree;
  • 2. Only course work with grades of “B” or better will be considered for petitioning;
  • 3. Courses petitioned may not have been taken more than 7 years prior to the time of graduation with the Master’s Degree; and
  • 4. A petition is subject to approval by both the Department and the Associate Vice President for Graduate Studies.