Modern and Classical Languages and Literatures

B.A., French

Requirements for the Bachelor of Arts Degree 

1. Lower Division Required Courses (9 units) 

FREN 200 Beginning French Conversation (3)

FREN 204 Review of French Grammar (3)

FREN 208 Intermediate Reading and Writing (3)

2. Lower Division Electives (3 units) 

Choose 1 from the following: 

FLIT 295A Masterpieces of European Literature I (3)

FLIT 295B Masterpieces of European Literature II (3)

3. Upper Division Required Courses (21 units) 

FREN 300 Advanced French Conversation (3)

FREN 305 French Pronunciation and Diction (3)

FREN 315A Masterpieces of French Literature I (3)

FREN 315B Masterpieces of French Literature II (3)

FREN 380 French Civilization (3)

FREN 381 The Contemporary French World (3)

LING 417 Language Development and Acquisition (3)

4. Upper Division Electives (15 units) 

Choose 1 course from the following: 

FREN 312 Readings in French for Business (3)

FREN 405 Art of Translation (3)

Choose 1 course from the following: 

ANTH 310 Anthropological Linguistics (3)

COMS 420 Language and Symbolic Processes (3)

ENGL 301 Language and Linguistics (3)

Choose 2 courses from the following: 

FREN 306 Advanced Composition (3)

FREN 313 Beginning Commercial Correspondence (3)

FREN 406 Textual Analysis and Composition (3)

Choose 1 course from the following: 

FREN 415D French Drama (3)

FREN 415F French Fiction (3)

FREN 415P French Poetry (3)

General Education: The French Major satisfies the Arts and Humanities Requirement of GE. Anthropology 310 (if taken) satisfies Comparative Cultural Studies GE requirement.

Total Units in the Major 48

General Education Units 46-49

Additional Units 17-20

Total Units Required for the B.A. Degree 120 

The Major 

The French major is designed for student who wish to prepare for a career in teaching or for one in which a strong background in French language and culture is essential. By completing the Major, the student is prepared to pursue graduate work in French/Francophone literatures and cultures.

Students with some knowledge of French wishing to take Lower Division courses should take the French placement exam before registration. The exam is available on a drop-in basis at certain hours or by appointment in the Barbara Ann Ward Language Center (BAWLC), JR 316.

Students with advanced placement cannot receive credit for courses below the level at which they are enrolled. However, 200-level classes may be waived or replaced by appropriate classes. Please consult an advisor.


In our multicultural global community, French, with more than 150,000,000 speakers in 52 countries, is a major means of communication between peoples in more than 40 countries of the world. As such, it is essential both for students who anticipate a career as teachers of French language, civilization and culture, and for those who see the study of French as an adjunct to studies in another field. Careers for these students are available in such areas as international business, the tourist industry (including hotel and restaurant management) and public services, both with local and national governmental agencies and with international agencies, such as the U.N., NAFTA and the European Community.