College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

B.A., History

Requirements for the B.A. Degree In History

1. General Core Curriculum (15 units)

Choose 1 course from each of the following:

A. HIST 110 World History to 1500 (3)

HIST 150 Western Civilization I (3)

HIST 303 Themes in Western Civilization Before 1500 (3)

B. HIST 111 World History since 1500 (3)

HIST 151 Western Civilization II (3)

HIST 302 Western Cultural Heritage, Modern Age (3)

HIST 304 Themes in Western Civilization After 1500 (3)

C. HIST 270 The United States to 1865 (3)

HIST 370 Problems in American History to 1865 (3)

D. HIST 271 The United States Since 1865 (3)

HIST 371 Problems in American History: 1865 to Present (3)

E. HIST 145 African Civilization to Modern Times (3)

HIST 161 Survey of the History of Latin America (3)

HIST 185 Civilization of the Middle East (3)

HIST 191 History of Eastern Civilization I (3)

HIST 192 History of Eastern Civilization II (3)

2. Research Core Curriculum (9 units)

A. HIST 301 The Historian’s Craft: Reading, Research and Writing History (3)
(Must be taken in the first 75 units of the major’s College program.)
(Grade of “C” or better is required for graduation)

B. HIST 497 A-Z Proseminar (3)
(Prerequisite 301; grade “C” or better is required for graduation)

C. HIST 498 Tutorial in History (3)
(Grade C or better is required for graduation)

3. Upper Division Curriculum (24 units)

All units in this section must be Upper Division. HIST 302, 303, 304, 370 or 371 may not be applied to satisfy these requirements. A minimum of 12 of these 24 Upper Division elective units must be at the 400- or 500-level.

A. Upper Division European History (3)

B. Upper Division U.S. or Canadian History (3)

C. Upper Division Asian, African, Middle Eastern or Latin American History (3)

D. 15 units from other Upper Division courses (15)

General Education: Some Title 5 courses also apply to the Major.

Total Units in the Major 48

General Education Units 48

Additional Units 14-17

Total Units Required for B.S. Degree 120

Second Bachelor of Arts Degree in History

The second B.A. Degree is available to all students. Students admitted to the Program must obtain an evaluation of all previous work in History and fulfill the University guidelines that apply to those pursuing a second B.A. Degree. The second B.A. is especially attractive to students with a secondary Social Science Credential from CSUN or equivalent preparation from some other institution. Students who want to obtain a second B.A. in History while simultaneously completing the Social Science Subject Matter Program (SSSMP) that is a prerequisite for the Secondary Teaching Credential should consult with the SSSMP director. For more information see the Program’s website at sssmp@csun.edu.