Business Administration, B.S.

College of Business and Economics

  • Chair: Melanie Stallings Williams, J.D.
  • Department of Business Law
  • Juniper Hall (JH) 3121
  • (818) 677-2905
  • Chair: Ali Behnezhad
  • Department of Systems and Operations Management
  • Juniper Hall (JH) 3121
  • (818) 677-2470
  • Chair: James P. Dow, Jr
  • Department of Finance, Financial Planning, and Insurance
  • Juniper Hall (JH) 3125
  • (818) 677-2459

B.S., Business Administration


Business Majors

A Business Major is any student majoring in Accountancy; Finance; Information Systems; Management; Marketing; or Business Administration with an option in either Business Law, Global Supply Chain Management, Insurance and Financial Services, Real Estate or Systems and Operations Management. All Business majors share 27 units of common Lower Division courses and 19 units of common Upper Division courses.