College of Health and Human Development

Graduate Certificate in Gerontology

Graduate Certificate in Gerontology

1. Core Requirements (12 units)

HHD 501 Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Aging (3)

HHD 502 Aging Policy and Programs (3)

HHD 503 Gerontology Program Development (3)

HHD 504 Current Issues in Aging (3)

2. Elective (3 units)

Select 1 from the list below:

FCS 409 Geriatric Nutrition (3)

FCS 424 Resource Management for the Elderly (3)

FCS 543 Intergenerational Caregiving (3)

HSCI 418 Health and Aging (3)

HSCI 422 Health Services for the Elderly and Mentally Ill (3)

HSCI 521 Healthcare Ethics (3)

KIN 566 Seminar in Aging and Environmental Aspects of Exercise (3)

RTM 415 Leisure and Aging (3)

PSY 465 Psychology of Aging (3)

SOC 440 Sociology of Aging (3)

Total Units Required for the Certificate 21

Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Gerontology

The Graduate Certificate in Gerontology is offered by the College of Health and Human Development to prepare a qualified workforce to address the needs of our aging population. The Certificate in Gerontology provides an opportunity for those who have completed a Bachelor’s Degree in another discipline to acquire an understanding of the issues and problems of aging and to provide services for an older population. The Certificate Program complements many other Graduate Degree programs and can be taken concurrently since many of the courses satisfy requirements or electives for graduate programs. The Certificate Program is a rigorous and demanding educational experience, designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills to pursue a career in the field of aging.