Health Sciences

M.S., Health Administration

General Requirements for all Master of Science Degree Programs

A. For Admission to Conditionally Classified Graduate Status

1. A Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited university or college with a major in Health Science or its equivalent.

2. A cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above for all undergraduate work.

3. Students not meeting requirement no. 1 above may be assigned a program of prerequisites in the Health Sciences. Under certain circumstances, students not meeting requirement no. 2 above may be assigned a qualifying program. Specific information concerning prerequisites or qualifying programs may be obtained through consultation with a Program Graduate Advisor.

4. Students must provide evidence of satisfactory completion of the verbal and/or quantitative and/or analytical sections of the Graduate Record Examination (GRE).

The GRE may be waived with approval for those students who have a minimum of 3.0 GPA overall and in the major, or have a 3.2 GPA in the last 60 units of undergraduate work, or who already have an advanced Graduate Degree from an accredited school.

B. Advancement from Conditional to Classified Status

Students admitted as conditionally classified must complete all qualifying course work, GRE and/or UDWPE prior to moving from conditional to fully classified status. In addition,

1. A GPA of 3.0 or better must be achieved in qualifying course work.

2. No more than 12 units of work taken prior to attaining fully classified status will be applied to the Master’s program, and

3. Students completing qualifying course work must meet with their faculty advisor to complete the paperwork to advance from conditional to classified status.

Qualifying Courses: To Be Determined at Advisement.

1. Required Courses (36 units)

HSCI 513 Applied Theory in Health Administration Practice (3)

HSCI 517 Health Economics and National Health (3)

HSCI 521 Health Care Ethics (3)

HSCI 523 Seminar in Medical Care Organization (3)

HSCI 613 Managing Change in Health Care Organizations (3)

HSCI 614 Financial Management (3)

HSCI 615 Information Management for Decision Making and Control (3)

HSCI 616 Quality Assurance for Health Administration (3)

HSCI 618 Strategic Planning in Health Administration (3)

HSCI 619 Third Party Payer Impact on Health Delivery (3)

HSCI 625 Integrative Seminar in Health Administration (3)

HSCI 693A or B Supervised Field Training (2)
and HSCI 693C Supervised Field Training (1)

2. Electives (9 units Minimum)

With approval of the Graduate Coordinator, students take electives from approved Health Administration or related courses.

3. Capstone

Select one of the following (units do not count toward Program total):

a. Comprehensive Examination. Student registers for HSCI 697—Directed Comprehensive Studies (3) (Credit/No Credit only)

b. Thesis/Graduate Project (with faculty permission only). Student registers for HSCI 698 (2) (Credit/No Credit 0nly)

Total Units Required for the M.S. Degree 45

Master of Science in Health Administration

The Graduate Degree in Health Administration prepares students for management and leadership roles in health services and related organizations and systems. The curriculum provides for advanced study of issues, problems and strategies for managing the effective and efficient delivery of health care through public, voluntary and private sector health-care organizations, including, but not limited to, hospitals, long-term care organizations, medical and dental group practices, health maintenance organizations, health insurance and health benefits administrations and public health agencies.

1. Cumulative undergraduate GPA.

2. Graduate Record Examination.

3. Undergraduate degree. Students not having a degree in health administration, if accepted, will be required to take a qualifying program prior to being admitted to Classified graduate status.

4. Work experience.

5. Letters of recommendation.

6. Statement of purpose.

The Master of Science in Health Administration Program requires a minimum of 45 semester hours of course work beyond the Bachelor‘s Degree. A minimum grade of “B” is required for each course; an overall program GPA of 3.0 is required for graduation.