Recreation and Tourism Management

M.S., Tourism, Hospitality, and Recreation Management

Master of Science Degree in Recreation 

The Master’s Degree Program is intended for persons interested in developing and/or improving their knowledge of recreational sport management or tourism management. It is designed for those seeking advancement in their career settings or a change in career settings. The selection of courses allows students to “specialize” in either: a) Recreational Sport/Campus Recreation Management; or b) Tourism Management. Students progress through the Program as a cohort and are actively engaged in courses and internships on evenings and weekends.

Requirements for Admission to the Program 

Bachelor’s Degree in Recreation, Hospitality, Travel and Tourism, Recreational Sport Management or allied field(s). Students not so qualified must successfully complete a prescribed program with a GPA of 3.0. University requirements must be met for promotion to Classified status. Graduate admission in the Fall semester only.

Requirements for Completion of the Program 

Students will complete 15 units of required Core classes, 12 elective units in their selected track (Recreational Sport Management or Tourism Management) and 3 additional units of approved electives for a total of 30 units. The Core classes include 2 internship experiences of 2 units each. A 2-unit directed comprehensive studies course (comprehensive examination) based on the internship experiences is the culminating experience for the Degree and will be completed during the last semester of enrollment in the Program. Students also have the option of completing a Graduate Project or Thesis. A grade of “B” or better in each graduate course is required for the units be counted as progress toward Degree requirements.

1. Required Courses (15 units) 

RTM 540 Human Resources in Recreational Sport and Tourism (3)

RTM 550 Marketing and Promotion in Recreational Sport and Tourism (3)

RTM 684 Advanced Research Method and Design (3)

RTM 693A Supervised Internship I (2)

RTM 693B Supervised Internship II (2)

RTM 697 Directed Comprehensive Studies (2)

or RTM 698 Graduate Project or Thesis (2)

Seminars For Recreational Sport Graduate Majors (12 units) 

RTM 520 Trends and Issues in Recreational Sport (3)

RTM 560 Facility Design in Recreational Sport (3)

RTM 600 Law, Risk Management and Ethics in Recreational Sport (3)

RTM 620 Organizational Theory in Recreational Sport (3)

Seminars For Hospitality, Travel And Tourism Graduate Majors (12 units) 

RTM 510 Trends and Issues in Hospitality and Tourism (3)

RTM 530 Cultural Aspects and Global Perspectives in Tourism (3)

RTM 580 Seminar in Tourism Planning: A Cultural and International Perspective (3)

RTM 610 Sustainable Tourism (3)

2. Electives (3 units, according To specialization) 

To be chosen with the approval of the Graduate Faculty Advisor.