College of Business and Economics

Minor Marketing

Minor in Marketing
The Marketing Minor allows non-marketing majors the opportunity to pursue secondary interests in marketing. This minor is not available to marketing majors.

1. Required Courses (18 units)
ECON 1601 Principles of Microeconomics (3)
or ECON 300* Economic Principles and Problems (3)
MKT 100* Conceptual Foundations of American Enterprise (3)
MKT 304 Marketing Management (3)
MKT 348 Consumer Behavior (3)
Select 6 units from the following:
ACCT 470 Strategic Cost and Profit Management (3)
BLAW 430 Marketing Law (3)
BUS 480 Research on the SFV (3)
BUS 491** Small Business Consulting (3)
ECON 307* Economics for Marketing Professionals (3)
ECON 309 The Use and Interpretation of Data (3)
MKT 346 Marketing Research (3)
MKT 440 Integrated Marketing Communications (3)
MKT 441 Sales Management (3)
MKT/SCM 442 Business to Business Marketing (3)
MKT 443 Retail Management (3)
MKT 445 International Marketing Management (3)
MKT/SCM 447 Logistics and Transportation Management (3)
MKT 448 Internet Marketing (3)
Alternatively, a Marketing minor may substitute one non-Marketing Lower or Upper Division three-unit course for an elective with approval of the Marketing Department Chair.

*Courses that are also GE. ECON 160 or 300 and ECON 360 satisfy six units of the Social Sciences requirement. MKT 100 satisfies three units of the Lifelong Learning requirement.
**Senior Standing with a 3.0 or higher GPA, others will be considered with recommendation.