Physical Therapy

College of Health and Human Development

M.A., Physical Therapy (MPT)

Cardiac Rehabilitation/Lab (1/1)

PT 606/L Advanced Analytical Anatomy/Lab (2/1)

PT 610 Seminar in Advanced Orthopedics (3 )

PT 690 Special Topics in Physical Therapy (1-3)

PT 699A Independent Study (1)

PT 699B Independent Study (2)

5. Required Culminating Experience (3 units) 

PT 697 Directed Comprehensive Studies (3)

The MPT Degree Program requires this Culminating Experience. These units do not apply to the required 46-unit total.

6. Clinical Component (10 units) 

All students must successfully complete the 10-unit Clinical Component of the curriculum. These units do not apply to the MPT Degree and are earned during clinical internships and practicums scheduled during the academic year and Summers.

PT 509C, D, E Internship (2,2,4)

PT 580A, B Practicum (1,1)


Total Units Required, Excluding Culminating Experience 46

Culminating Experience 3

Total Units Required for the MPT Degree 49