Human Sexuality

College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

  • Coordinators:
  • Scott Williams
  • SQ 200
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  • Karen Morgaine
  • SN 314
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  • James Elias
  • SN 306
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  • Richard MacDonald
  • SQ 200 G
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Minor Human Sexuality

Requirements for the Minor

1. Lower Division (6 units)

BIOL 241 Human Pregnancy and Embryology (3)

SOC 230 Introduction to Human Sexual Behavior (3)

2. Upper Division

(Note: When and if experimental courses are offered, the Program Coordinator will consider those appropriate for inclusion in the Minor.)

5 of the following (15 units):

ANTH 308 Women, Sex Roles and Culture (3)

ENGL 372 Eroticism in Literature (3)

FCS 340 Marriage and Family Relations (3)

FCS 441 Human Sexuality and Sexual Dysfunction (3)

HIST 351 History of Sexual Behavior (3)

PHIL 303 Sexual Ethics (3)

PSY 421J Workshop in Development Sexuality (1)

PSY 421M Conflict Resolution in Intimate Relations (1)

PSY 421N Workshop in Human Sexuality

PSY 452 Contemporary Issues in Human Sexuality (3)

PSY 453 Psychological Aspects of Human Sexuality (3)

SOC 324 Sociology of Sex and Gender (3)

SOC 456 Proseminar on Sexual Disorders (3)

SOC 451 Sociological Aspects of Human Sexuality (3)

SOC 452 Sociology of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and

Transgender Communities (3)

PSY 498 Practicum in Psychology (3)
or SOC 498 Field Study (3)
or FCS 494 Supervised Field Study (3)
(See Department of Sociology for substitutions and waivers)

Total units Required for the Minor: 21

The Minor

The Interdisciplinary Minor in Human Sexuality is offered by the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences. The Minor serves students with a special interest in this area because of its relation to their career plans (in counseling, teaching, scholarly research, etc.) as well as those who wish to take courses in this area as part of their liberal arts education. The Minor also serves professionals who wish to augment present knowledge and skills in the area of human sexuality. Many courses in the program satisfy requirements or may be used as electives in several majors as well as in the Human Sexuality Minor.

Where individual Departments have prerequisites to Upper Division courses, students who have not fulfilled the prerequisites must gain consent of the instructor.

Academic Advisement

Students declaring the Minor should consult with one of the Minor Coordinators.