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Faculty: Stevens, Mark

(2005) Professor of Educational Psychology and Counseling. B.A. 1976, California State University, Northridge; Ph.D. 1982, California School of Professional Psychology, San Diego.

Faculty: Hogen-Esch, Tom J.

(2002) Professor of Political Science. B.A. 1991, Ph.D. 2001, University of Southern California.

MATH 541. Theoretical Statistical Inference (3)

CLT, Regular Exponential families, Neyman-Factorization Criterion, the substitution principle, asymptotic relative efficiency, the method of the moments, the MLE and its asymptotic efficiency, Uniformly Minimum Variance Unbiased Estimation, Rao-Blackwell Theorem,…

Department: Nursing

The mission of the CSUN Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree is to develop professional nursing leaders in all areas of practice who can apply new and past nursing knowledge and build upon existing competencies.

Public Health Nurse Certificate

granted by the Board of Nursing (BRN) after completion of curriculum and application to the Board. Procedures for PHN application: Visit California BRN website and the CSUN Nursing website….

Faculty: Charonnat, Jeffrey A.

(1991) Associate Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry. B.S. 1977, Stanford University; Ph.D. 1984, Columbia University.

Faculty: Zhang, Yue

(2001) Professor of Accounting and Information Systems. B.S. 1982, East China Institute of Technology; M.S. 1985, Zhejiang University; Ph.D. 1995, Oklahoma State University.


the U.S. Department of Education. On March 8, 2012, WSCUC (formerly WASC) awarded CSUN a full 10 years of reaccreditation. Information specific to CSU Northridge’s reaccreditation can be found at

Department: Educational Psychology and Counseling

The Department of Educational Psychology and Counseling prepares students for highly effective, ethical and satisfying careers as professional educators and counselors working with individuals, families and groups in educational, organizational and community settings. The aim of our programs is to reflect an ecological and developmental lifespan approach to theory, research and practice centered on the …

Faculty: Gandhi, Shereazad J.

The Tseng College; Associate Professor of Manufacturing System Engineering and Management. B.S. 2003, Illinois Institute of Technology; M.S. 2005, California State University, Northridge; Ph.D. 2010, Stevens Institute of Technology….