Lesley Barajas, Student Services Center/EOP, Advisor

Amanda Baugh, Civic and Community Engagement, Director

Tim Black, English, Department Chair

Martha Campos, Interdisciplinary Studies and Liberal Studies, Advisor

Ranita Chatterjee, Interdisciplinary Studies and Liberal Studies, Department Chair

Mary Dudley, Interdisciplinary Studies and Liberal Studies, Advisor

Anna Joaquin, Linguistics/TESL, Department Chair

Florence Kyomugisha, Gender and Women’s Studies, Department Chair

Sheena Malhotra, Queer Studies, Director

Jonathan B. Martinez, Interdisciplinary Studies and Liberal Studies, Assistant Director

Vanessa Martinez, Graduation and Retention Specialist

Gina Masequesmay, Asian American Studies, Department Chair

Kristina Meshelski, Philosophy, Department Chair

Adrián Pérez-Boluda, Modern and Classical Languages and Literatures, Department Chair

Rosa RiVera-Furumoto, Chicana and Chicano Studies, Department Chair

Mustafa Ruzgar, Religious Studies, Department Chair

Khanum Shaikh, Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies, Director

Yarma Velazquez Vargas, Central American and Transborder Studies, Department Chair

Marvin Villanueva, Student Services Center/EOP, Director

Janene White, Director of Finance and Operations

Teresa Williams León, American Indian Studies, Director

Research Centers and Institutes

Center for Ethics and Values
Director: Kristina Meshelski, (818) 677-2757

Center for the Humanities (College umbrella)
(818) 677-3301

Center for Study of Peoples of the Americas
Gabriel Gutiérrez, (818) 677-2735

Central American Research and Policy Institute
Director: Stephanie Lemus, (818) 677-6471

China Institute
Director: Weimin Sun, (818) 677-6461

Institute for Gender Globalization and Democracy
Director: Jane Bayes, (310) 459-7151

The Center for the Digital Humanities
Director: Scott Kleinman

CSUN Women’s Research and Resource Center
Director: Shira Brown, (818) 677-2780


College of Humanities
Dean: Jeffrey Reeder
Associate Dean: Kent Baxter
(818) 677-3301