Wendy Ashley, Social Work, Department Chair

Jeffrey Auerbach, History, Department Chair

Tracy Baum, Director of Development

Larae Brown, Information Technology Consultant

Cristian Contreras, Financial Analyst

Justine Cramsey, SOLAR Coordinator

Jacqueline Edwards, External Relations and Program Liaison

Serinah Gabrelian, Director of Finance and Operations

Marquita Gammage, Africana Studies, Department Chair

Ani Harutyunyan, Student Services Center/EOP Office, Director

Tyler Hughes, Political Science, Department Chair

Vickie Jensen, Criminology and Justice Studies, Department Chair

Regan Maas, Geography and Environmental Studies, Department Chair

Sylvia Macauley, Special Assistant to the Dean

Henrik Minassians, Master of Public Administration Program Director

Karen Morgaine, Sociology, Department Chair

Jill Razani, Psychology, Department Chair

Martha Savelio-Johnson, Assistant to the Dean

Frances Solano, Grants and Contracts Officer

Zeynep Toker, Urban Studies and Planning, Department Chair

Christina Von Mayrhauser, Anthropology, Department Chair

John B. Wall, Information Technology Office, Manager

Nicole Williams, Assistant to the Associate Dean


Research Centers and Institutes

Center for Geospatial Science and Technology
Director: Danielle Bram

Center for Southern California Studies
Director: Boris Hicks and Jessica Kim

DuBois-Hamer Institute
Director: Cedric Hackett

Institute for Social and Behavioral Sciences
Executive Director: Sylvia Macauley


College of Social and Behavioral Sciences
Dean: Yan Searcy
Associate Dean: Bohsiu Wu
(818) 677-3317