Larry Allen, Biology, Department Chair

Thomas Chavez, Manager, Academic Resources

Rabia Djellouli, Mathematics, Department Chair

Eric Kelson, Chemistry and Biochemistry, Department Chair

Say-Peng Lim, Physics and Astronomy, Department Chair

Kathleen Marsaglia, Geological Sciences, Department Chair

Elizabeth Riegos-Olmos, Student Services Center/EOP, Director


Research Centers and Institutes

Center for Astronomy and Space-Science Education (CASE)
Director: Cristina Cadavid

Center for Cancer and Developmental Biology
Director: Steven Oppenheimer

Center for Computational Materials Theory
Director: Nicholas Kioussis

Center for Supramolecular Studies
Director: Miroslav Peric

Interdisciplinary Research Institute for the Sciences (IRIS)
Director: Rabia Djellouli


Dean: Jerry Stinner
Special Assistants to the Dean: Robert Espinoza and David Gray
(818) 677-2005