Miguel Ceja, Educational Leadership and Policy Studies, Department Chair

Estela Chacon, Interim Director, Credential Office

Nathan Durdella, Director, Doctoral Program in Educational Leadership

Flavia Fleischer, Deaf Studies, Department Chair

Julie Gainsburg, Secondary Education, Department Chair

Amy Hanreddy, Special Education, Department Chair

Greg Knotts, Elementary Education, Department Chair

Shyrea Minton, Educational Psychology and Counseling, Department Chair

Fred Moreno, Director of Finance and Operations


Research Centers and Institutes

Center for Educational Intervention and Therapy (CEIT)
Director: Ivor Weiner, (818) 677-2596

Center for Partnerships for Educational Reform
Director: Miguel Ceja

Center for Professional Development and Educational Outreach
Director: Julie Gainsburg, (818) 677-2580

Center for Research and Innovation in Elementary Education
Director: Greg Knotts, (818) 677-2621

Center for Teaching and Learning
Director: Wendy W. Murawski, (818) 677-7494

Center in Educational Psychology and Counseling
Director: Alberto Restori, (818) 677-2599

Family Focus Resource Center (FFRC)
Director: Ivor Weiner, (818) 677-5575

Institute for the Advancement of Educational Studies and Programs
Director: Shari Tarver-Behring, (818) 677-2590

Mitchell Family Counseling Clinic
Director: Alberto Restori
Clinical Coordinator: Deborah Buttitta, (818) 677-2568

Strength United
Director: Alberto Restori, (818) 677-2601
Clinical Coordinator: Kim Goldberg-Roth, (818) 787-9700
24-HR Hotline: (818) 886-0453

Teaching, Learning and Counseling (TLC) Consortium
Director: Sue Sears, (818) 677-8522
Administrative Coordinator: Tina Stamper


Michael D. Eisner College of Education
Dean: Shari Tarver-Behring
Associate Dean: Christine Hayashi
(818) 677-2590