Yi Cai, Family and Consumer Sciences, Department Chair

Rebekah Child, Nursing, Department Chair

Aimie Kachingwe, Physical Therapy, Department Chair

Nola Kennedy, Environmental and Occupational Health, Department Chair

Mario Lopez, Student Services Center/EOP, Director

Nathan Martin, Recreation and Tourism Management, Department Chair

Douglas McLaughlin, Kinesiology, Department Chair

Todd Oberson, Director of Finance and Operations

Carrie Pullen, Gerontology, Coordinator

Bethany Rainisch, Health Sciences, Department Chair

Patricia J. Seymour, Communication Disorders and Sciences, Department Chair

David Wakefield, Child and Adolescent Development, Department Chair


Research Centers and Institutes

Aquatic Center at Castaic Lake
Director: Nathan Martin

Center for Recreation and Tourism
Director: Alan Wright

Center of Achievement Through Adapted Physical Activity
Director: Taeyou Jung

Child and Family Studies Center
Director: Christa Dunlap

Consumer Resource Center
Director: Yi Cai

Institute for Community Health and Wellbeing
Director: Dianne Philibosian

Language, Speech and Hearing Center
Director: Patricia Seymour

Marilyn Magaram Center for Food Science, Nutrition and Dietetics
Director: Annette A. Besnilian

Physical Therapy Center for Advanced Clinical Practice
Director: Beth Phillips


College of Health and Human Development
Dean: Mechelle Best
Interim Associate Dean: David Wakefield
(818) 677-3001