Course: AAS 362. Asian Pacific Islander Desi American Experience (3)

Prerequisite: Completion of the lower division writing requirement. Recommended Preparatory: Another course in AAS (not writing or speech). This upper division course examines the experiences, realities and identities of an Asian ethnic American group or a subgroup of Asian American Pacific Islander Desi Americans (e.g., Filipino Vietnamese, Korean, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, South Asian, Pacific Islander) from the past to the present. This course comparatively examines the nexus between historical events and contemporary issues facing a selected Asian Pacific Islander Desi (APIDA) community and its experiences in various sectors of U.S. society: labor, family, politics, immigration, education, media, and the arts. This course will feature a specific Asian ethnic or Asian panethnic group to be chosen by the instructor. Meets the Ethnic Studies requirement. (Available for General Education, F Comparative Cultural Studies.) (ES) (WI)

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AAS 362

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