Program: Minor in Asian American Studies

Program Description

The Asian American Studies department provides an interdisciplinary liberal arts program. The department offers a minor in Asian American Studies designed to develop student skills in critical analysis, writing, communication and reasoning, while retrieving, documenting and analyzing the literary, artistic, economic, social, political and historical experiences of Asians in the United States.

Program Requirements

1. Core Courses (12 units)

Select all four of the following:

2. Upper Division Requirements (12 units)

Select any fourĀ of the following:

Literary and Cultural Studies

AAS 321 Asian American Fiction (3)
AAS 325A Asian American Creative Studies Workshop: Literary Arts (3)
AAS 325B Asian American Creative Studies Workshop: Performance Arts (3)
AAS 420 Asian American Literary Self-Representations (3)
AAS 430 Asian American Popular Culture (3)

Ethnic and Comparative Experiences

AAS 355 Biracial and Multiracial Identity (3)
AAS 361A-Z Asian American Experience of Selected Groups (3)
Upper division course from another Ethnic Studies program/department or Intermediate-level language course (3)

Gender and Sexuality Studies

AAS 340 Asian American Women (3)
AAS 455 Asian American Sexuality (3)

Law, Policy, and Institutions

AAS 347 Asian American Politics and the Law (3)
AAS 360 Asian American Immigration-Global Perspectives (3) or equivalent course in another department/program
AAS 417 Equity and Diversity in Schools (3)
AAS 440 Urbanization and Asian American Communities (3)

Social Relations and Family

AAS 350 Asian American Personality and Mental Health (3)
AAS 450 Asian American Child and the Schools (3)
AAS 453 Asian American Families

Advanced Seminar/Special Topics Course

AAS 311 Research Methods in Asian American Studies (3)
AAS 390/F Asian American Communities: Field Practicum (2/1)
AAS 495 Advanced Topics in Asian American Studies (3)
AAS 497 Senior Seminar in Asian American Studies (3)

Total Units in the Minor: 24


Department of Asian American Studies
Chair: Gina Masequesmay
Jerome Richfield Hall (JR) 340
(818) 677-4966