Program: Minor in Africana Studies

Program Description

Students should consult an advisor to design a program that complements their major. Students may choose courses from a wide range of offerings that provide a background in several areas critical to their understanding of the African world experience.

Program Requirements

1. Lower Division Required Courses (9 units)

AFRS 100 Introduction to Black Culture (3)
AFRS 161 American Political Institutions: A Black Perspective (3)

Choose one from the following:

AFRS 165 Introduction to Pan Africanism (3)
AFRS 171 Classical African Civilization (3)
AFRS 220 Psychological Environment of the African-American (3)
AFRS 221 Sociological Environment of the African-American (3)
AFRS 222 Elements of the Human Geography of the African-American (3)
AFRS 244 African-American Literature to 1930 (3)
AFRS 245 African-American Literature Since 1930 (3)
AFRS 271 African-American History to 1865 (3)
AFRS 272 African-American History Since 1865 (3)

2. Upper Division Courses (12 units)

In consultation with an AFRS advisor, select 12 units of upper division Africana Studies courses.

Total Units in the Minor: 21


Department of Africana Studies
Chair: Mylon Winn
Santa Susana Hall (SN) 221
(818) 677-3311