Course: ANTH 440. Bioarchaeology (3)

Prerequisite: ANTH 262 or ANTH 341 or ANTH 445/L. Bioarchaeology focuses on the study of human skeletal remains in archaeological context. It is a specialization in anthropology that incorporates methods and concepts from both biological anthropology and archaeology. Shaped and changed by biology and culture, human skeletons can help us understand how people lived, organized themselves, and interacted with their surroundings in the past. In this course, we will approach bioarchaeology from a biocultural and evolutionary perspective to provide an overview of the history and ethics of studying human remains. You will learn about research and analytical methods such as paleopathology, paleoepidemiology, biomechanics, bone chemistry, and molecular analysis. We will also discuss how diseases, nutritional stress, diet, conflict/violence, routine activities, and cultural practices can change the skeleton and help us reconstruct the past. Available for graduate credit.

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ANTH 440

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